General Info

Barry Murphy, PhD

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Areas of interest include:

  • Energy
  • New Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Telecoms
  • Entertainment
  • Retail


  • PhD in Physics & 6 years’ postdoctoral experience in data science in the energy field
  • Excellent knowledge of Python, SQL, and R
  • Business development – founded and led a team to discover and solve real business problems
  • Broad knowledge – devised and implemented commercialization projects for several industries
  • Fundraising – raised over $6M in research funding and $1.5M in innovation funding
  • Innovation – 3 patent applications currently under review
  • Public speaking – over 10 international presentations at scientific conferences
  • Technical writing – co-author or main author on 20 peer-reviewed publications in top journals
  • Leadership – supervised 3 junior staff on innovation projects
  • Entrepreneurship – shortlisted for national and international innovation awards

Work Experience

Chief Data Scientist, CEO, Founder
Electrical Analytics Technology Ltd., Ireland
December 2014 – August 2019

Electrical Analytics are a spinout of Trinity College Dublin, providing custom hardware and data-driven monitoring solutions for the energy industry.

  • Founded and led this high-tech startup from conception through to trials with real customers
  • Built a data pipeline & analysis toolkit and user interface for power grid operators and energy users
  • Drove an inter-disciplinary team of engineers, providing technical and commercial direction
  • Developed business relationships with customers to improve our product and initiate trials
  • Raised $1.5M in non-equity funding to support technology development
  • Wrote and illustrated patents, presentations, reports, and proposals

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Applied Physics Research Group
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
November 2013 – August 2019

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s top-ranked university with a tradition of scholarship spanning more than four centuries, and is one of the top universities in Europe for innovation.

  • Secured $7.5M in research funding as lead proposal writer, including $265,000 as Lead Grantee
  • Co-authored 20 research papers in top journals in the field, and presented at international conferences
  • Managed innovation projects, supervised senior staff, and signed off on spending
  • Designed and built experimental setups and new technology prototypes including custom electronic hardware, embedded control software, data gathering and analysis
  • Simulated nanoscale physical processes using first-principles and finite element modelling


Programming Languages

  • Advanced: Python, SQL, R, HTML, CSS, Excel
  • Experienced: C, Mathematica, Matlab, Scikit-Learn
  • Intermediate: C++, Hadoop & Spark platforms, Javascript, TensorFlow

Technical Skills

  • Excellent statistical & time-series analysis skills
  • Excellent physical & mathematical modelling skills including linear algebra & regression
  • In-depth energy industry knowledge
  • Linux, MacOS, & Windows power-user
  • Experienced technical writer & illustrator
  • Mathematical modelling & experimental design
  • Specialist in nanotechnology & physical processes

Other Skills

  • Proven leadership track record – supervised junior and senior staff on innovation projects
  • Comfortable communicating to large and small groups
  • Over 6 years’ project management experience
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent research skills – capable of rapidly upskilling in new fields
  • Problem solver – creativity and the ability to quickly adapt to new ideas
  • Business development – founded and led a team to discover and solve real business problems
  • Innovation – 3 patent applications currently under review
  • Entrepreneurship – shortlisted for national (Irish) and international innovation awards


Advanced Diploma in Project Management (PMP-based)

Dublin Business School, Ireland

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physics

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2009 – 2013

Bachelor of Science in Physics & Computer Simulation

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2005 – 2009

Selected Undergraduate Modules:

  • Numerical simulation
  • Linear algebra
  • Non-linear algebra
  • Time-series analysis
  • Statistics
  • C programming
  • Python programming
  • Regression
  • Mathematical models

Awards & Honours

Finalist in Innovation Competitions

  • ESB Spark of Genius 2017 (Portugal)
  • Enterprise Ireland One to Watch 2017 (Ireland)
  • Dublin Business Innovation Centre Futurescope One2Watch 2018 (Ireland)

Invited talks

  • Web Summit 2017 (Portugal)
  • “Commercializing Research: Spin-out Company Success Stories” 2017 (Kazakhstan)
  • National Sustainability Summit 2018 (Ireland)
  • National Research & Innovation Conference 2018 (Ireland)
  • “When Science Met Business” Special Event 2018 (Ireland)
  • National Power & Energy Summit 2019 (Ireland)
  • Invited speaker at Trinity College Dublin’s MSc. (Energy Science) Course 2019 (Ireland)